Youth Pastor Spotlight: Devan Green

Devan at a glance:

  • Where were you born? Wallaceburg, Ontario

  • Married? No

  • Kids? No

  • What Church are you at? Gateway Family Church (Leduc)

  • How long have you been there? 5th year attending. 3rd year on staff.


Q: What’s your favorite city to visit?

A: City? If I’m picking a place to visit it probably won’t be a city.


Q: Favorite Movie?

A: I don’t have a specific favourite. There are so many good ones. I’ve probably watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies more than any others though. Captain Jack gets me everytime.


Q: Favorite Youth Ministry moment?

A: I can’t really nail down one favourite. However, one really cool thing I remember and think about from time to time was the first time I baptized a student. I was actually his counsellor at camp and he chose me to baptize him. I’m honoured to be a part of that monumental step in Cole’s life.


Q: What’s your least favorite fast food joint?

A: A&W is the worst!

My girlfriend would strongly disagree.


Q: Any pet peeves?

A: Hearing people eat! Seriously drives me nuts. I won’t be mean about it or anything, but I probably won’t eat around you anymore.


Q: What’s the biggest mistake you ever made in ministry? What’d you learn?

A: Kind of a funny one:

I accidentally hit a Jr. High girl in the face playing dodgeball. She dropped instantly. My team won though… I actually felt really bad and she got a free freezie out of the deal. She was okay.

I learned to not hit Jr. High girls in the face playing dodgeball.


A little more serious:

There was a kid at Youth who was making it unsafe for a few specific students. I had a couple serious conversations with that student and I felt like they got the message and understood that their behaviour was unacceptable and they were going to make changes … I was wrong. Long story short, I had to ask that kid to not come back to Youth for a while (hardest thing I’ve had to do in Youth Ministry), but by then the other students had stopped coming. Thankfully after a year and a half, the other students are starting to come back again.

I learnt that saying, “we’re going to be a safe place for students” is great, but actually doing it takes some really intentional and tough work at times. Worth it though!


Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of youth pastoring?

A:  Hanging out with my girlfriend, friends and playing sports. Sometimes I pretend I’m still a good athlete.


Q: What’s the best event you’ve ever done with students?

A: Mission Impossible! The whole church is blacked out. I’m talking actually pitch black! Music is pumping, it messes with your senses. Mild danger, a few minor injuries. The students ask for it again and again every year.


Q: What’s your biggest ministry struggle at the moment?

A: Making time to actually hangout with students outside of Youth. I’m part-time at the church and part-time at another job. I’m also kind of introverted, so it can be tough to get motivated to hang out with students at times.


Q: If you could gather all the youth pastors in our province in a room, what would you want to say to them?

A: Be encouraged, God wants your dreams to come true more than you do.


Q: Is there something that the youth pastors of the province can be praying towards for you?

A: I want every student in Leduc to know Jesus. I’m always praying for God’s strategies and connections to see this happen.


Q: Where can people connect with you online?

A: Instagram: || Facebook: Devan Green