Youth Pastor Spotlight: Holt Huchinson

You at a glance:

  • Where were you born? Scarborough Ontario

  • Married? Yes

  • Kids?  Yes, one on the way in September 2018

  • What Church are you at? Gospel Centre Pentecostal Church

  • How long have you been there? 2 years

Q: What’s your favorite place to visit?

A: Love hitting up those thrift stores to see what kind of cool stuff you can find. Especially for all those books!

Q: Favorite movie?

A: More like a series of movies, but definitely Star Wars. More specifically the original three.

Q: Favourite restaurant or coffee shop?

A: I actually love Red Lobster! Give me some of those biscuits and clam chowder!

Q: Any pet peeves?

A: Loud eaters.

Q: Favorite Youth Ministry moment?

A: When you can see the growth in your students even after a short period of time just gets me really excited. Specifically with our students after our missions trip it was amazing to see what God has done in their lives & how they are owning their faith in Christ!

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you ever made in ministry? What’d you learn?

A: I know that I have made lots, but to name a big one… I would say the time that we did a messy games event night and I had not taken a lot of time to think about the aftermath of the clean up. Luckily the majority of it was outside… I learned to and am still learning to really think through everything that happens in preparation for your nights. I should have predicted this, but when you make four huge mixing bowls of porridge, you know someone is probably going to start throwing it, even if you didn’t intend it for that purpose =P

Q: What’s the best event you’ve ever done with students?

A: I think the best event that we have ever done would be our office chair racing. It’s high intensity and super fun! Although... we probably should have had them sign additional waivers just because of all the collisions…

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of youth pastoring?

A: I love board games and enjoy a good movie. Plus having people over to laugh and hang. Also, I love to fish!!! If there is anyone out there that wants to go fishing, I am your man.

Q: What’s your biggest ministry struggle at the moment?

A: Recruiting for ministry is a struggle at the moment. We have had a few say yes, but we really want people that are willing to invest into the lives of students. I know that recruiting is an ongoing process, but finding good leaders can be hard.

Q: If you could gather all the youth pastors in our province in a room, what would you want to say to them?

A: Youth Ministry is not always easy, but it is so important and the work that you do matters. You may not always see the fruit right away, but the seeds that you help God to plant will make a kingdom difference. Persevere, keep praying for your students daily, and keep your time with God sacred. One thing that I have learned even though my time in youth ministry has been short, is that when you ask God’s Spirit to work and move in your students, that he will.

Q: Is there something that the youth pastors of the province can be praying towards for you?

A: I want to see a generation of students that love God and his word. Especially when statistics are showing that this rising generation is more Biblically illiterate. I would ask for prayer to know how to accomplish this in a way that makes our students excited about God’s Word and see lives transformed because of it!

Q: Where can people connect with you online?

A: Facebook. Not a lot of Holt Hutchinson’s out there… you will find me! I am also on Instagram.