5 Steps to Developing a Student Leadership Team

5 Steps to Developing a Student Leadership Team

The strategy for growth in youth ministry for too long has been, let’s find the coolest, hippest youth pastor and let them attract students because of their dynamic speaking and attractive charisma.

Now it’s time to rally your students and develop them to lead in your youth ministry. It’s time to develop Student Leaders.

Here are 5 important steps to developing a Student Leadership team:

Central Alberta Spotlight: Connect Night

Lately, I'm noticing a greater desire amongst our youth pastors to do ministry together. Yes, first and foremost our mission is to disciple the students in our church and community. But to say that 'that's all we're going to put our hand to' is unwise. The truth is, we're better together. Whether that's regular connection with other youth pastors outside our own church or ministry partnerships with other churches throughout the year, a larger kingdom mentality is will serve you well.