Must Have Youth Ministry Games

This is a guest blog post by Afope Sanyade. Afope is the Jr High Pastor at BP Church in Calgary. You can connect with him here.

Check out these must have games for Youth Ministry.

Web Resources (FREE)

You can search the games below on Google and they should come up.

Big Group Games

  • Clump (Everyone)

  • Chee-toes (Everyone)

  • Fish Frisbee (Everyone)

  • Find the Chalupa (Everyone)

  • Extreme Tic Tac Toe (Everyone)

  • Ballon Stomp

Squad Games

  • Toast (Youth Group Collective)

  • Donut String Game

  • Marshmallow Drop Game

  • Trendy, and *Safe* Eating Challenges on Youtube

  • Stocking Face Tug-A-War

  • Human Space Invaders 

  • Chug Challenges: Slurpees, Weird Drinks, Hot Drinks, Milk…random liquids.

  • Baby Food Game: Bilndfolded

  • Bobbing for Onions (Relay)

Duo Games

  • Jimmy Fallon Games: Egg Roulette, Box of Lies, Mad Libs, Sing it or Spray it etc...

  • Egg Tube Game

  • Balloon Nose Blow Up

  • Hoodie Legs

To hear our interview with Afope, watch the video below. Afope chats through the most important things to consider when leading games starting at the 4 minute mark.