The Greatest Youth Ministry Game Ever?

This could be the most controversial post I will ever write. Who knows, only time will tell. Confession time: I’m obsessed with games. I love them. LOVE THEM. It seems as is each youth group has a game that’s theirs. Just theirs. Or at least it’s a game that is unique and special to their tribe. Whether it’s Dutch Blitz, Scatterball, or Kamikaze Dodgeball, youth pastors around the world are in the hunt for a game that will connect students to one another, make students laugh, or be an anthem of their retreats/camps (or a game they can revert to to bail them out when a lesson goes bad!).

Last year we set up a game called 9 Square in the Air. It is, hands down, the greatest youth ministry game ever! It’s inclusive, easy to play, SUPER FUN, and connects students who normally wouldn’t connect.

I can’t quite remember how I came across this game, but I’m sure glad I did. My gut tells me that if you set this game up at a retreat for the afternoon, all your leaders could go catch a nap because students won’t be doing anything but this. We had 90 students lining up to play this game for 2 hours straight at an event we recently did. It was that popular!

It’s expensive though. Like $800 expensive. You could make it yourself for a 1/3 of that, but then you know…you would have to make it for yourself! I think the $800 is worth it. It seems steep but it’s just that good of a game. To make 9 Square more affordable, here’s some ideas to make it work:

  • Increase a retreat or camp fee by $10/student
  • Fundraise!
  • Cut other budget items to squeeze it in
  • :)
  • Ask for it. No seriously. Pitch it to someone who has some $$$
  • Start up a café or store at your youth program and save the profits over time